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We are a large independent pet shop located in Maltby Rotherham, on the main shopping High Street.

The pet shop has been located here for over 80 years, with only 3 owners (previoulsy Middleton's and Nature World). In March 2016 it was taken over by Abby Rees.  Abby has lots of experience with animals and started her career in the animal care industry 20 years ago.  She went on to become a teacher specialising in Science and Special Needs and going on develop a small holding in a school and teaching Animal Care.  Because of her love for animals and teaching she has expanded the business, which now includes Animal Encounter Parties and going out to schools, nurseries, fairs, etc with her many animals.  These include skunks, barn owls, sugar gliders, giant snakes and many more.  She now employs Dee (who has an Animal Management degree) to help with these parties/encounters.
Abby is passionate about animals and decided to get into the the pet trade due to her pure love of animals and therefore she strives to make the business as ethical as possible.  Refusing to stock wild caught mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians.  Rehoming and adpoting animals, where possible and breeding as much of her own animals as possible or using selctively choosen local breeders.

We constantly keep up to date with new health concerns, nutritional information about all animals and all staff have regular training in this area. We are proud to have experienced mature staff that have lots of knowledge and advice to help customers.  Jane who works on the front of the shop has worked in the shop for over 40 years and David our reptile manager has been here for nearly 20 years!

We stock a large range of items in the shop from dog beds to reptile homes.  If we haven't got it, we can usually get it!  Please email us for your requirements.

The Animal Ark Pet Store

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